In January 2018, Haidian County (Shangzhuang Xinyijia Jiayuan, Beijing), for which Vanke Service and Jade Property provided property management, won the “TOP 10 Non-Vanke Site Projects of 2017 Prize” awarded by Vanke Service. Haidian County is the only project in North China that has won this honor.

In order to improve customer satisfaction, ameliorate on-site service quality and achieve various operation target of each project, Vanke Service organized this TOP 10 selection activity of 2017.

In order to participate in this selective activity, the project needs to meet several specific criteria, such as having gained a rate of satisfaction that is above 80% and having no quality accidents in 2017. The annual satisfaction rate of the Haidian County project is above average and other indicators show that the project’s service quality are far ahead of others.

In terms of property services, with the launch of the smart service platform and the systems “Live Here” and “Black Cat 2”, the proprietors can get in touch with their house managers in one click, report and discuss community business with others, and go online shopping. The effectiveness of the service and management as well as the on-site quality were enhanced and improved, while various community cultural activities were hosted.

The housing facilities, green landscapes, children's playgrounds, and community residents' committee are well-supported, with adequate parking spaces, and efficient house maintenance. Meanwhile, the project succeeded to manage internal risk and avoid quality accidents. In 2017, the company realized smooth and steady operation.

Haidian county's services are provided by a property management company co-founded by Vanke Service and Jade Property. The company, as a member company of Vanke Service, has fully integrated Vanke Service standards and has adopted the leading system called “Smart Service”, aiming to build an aesthetics living community.

Haidian County is a star project in Vanke Service System. It has won this honor from Vanke Property thanks to the strong support from the owners, supervision from various leaders and the endeavor of all staff. In the future, the service center will continue trying to achieve further success achievements, providing its customers with even better property services.