On February 9th, 2018, Jade Group held a work Review Meeting for 2017 in Central Mobile Intelligence District (CMID). Huang Xiaohua, Chairman of Jade Group, Zheng Huihong, President of the Group, and Han Xusheng, Executive President of the Group and President of Jade Property, were present at the meeting.

At the meeting, An Dong, who is the vice president of Jade Group and general manager of Jade Capital, presented a report on the development of business and the steady advancement of the group’s new business. Zhai Xiaorong, vice president of Jade Group, gave an introduction on the overseas real estate projects and proposed a visionary overview of the coming New Year.

President Zheng Huihong analyzed the investment direction and layout of Jade Capital. Han Xusheng, President of Jade Group and Executive President of Jade Property traced the development of the Group in recent years, commented on the business of each department and each subordinate company in 2017, and analyzed the market environment and new directions of development. Chairman Huang Xiaohua summarized the annual achievements of Inside-Out Art and strategically deployed the overall development of the group.

At the meeting, the group awarded outstanding employees and outstanding managers.

On the same day of the meeting, Jade Group held the spring reception of “Jade Banquet 2018”. Zhang Hongxing, chairman of Grandtopeak Group, Ma Jun, president of the group and other leaders were invited to attend the banquet and all wish Jade Group a productive, successful happy new year in 2018.