On February 1st, 2018, Sanhe Jade Real Estate Development Company held the 2017 Review Meeting. Themed "Set Sail for 2018, Create New Glories", the meeting was held at the Heyuan Royal Garden, Shunyi. Han Xusheng, President of Jade Property, Wang Yuqin, Deputy Vice President of Jade, Zhang Peng, Vice President of Jade, and Chen Delong, General Executive Manager of Sanhe Jade attended the meeting.

Chen Delong, General Executive Manager of Sanhe Jade, gave a general report on the work of Jiadu Project in 2017 and the overall work plan for 2018. Afterwards, Department of Marketing & Customer Service, Department of Development, Department of Engineering, Department of Design, Department of Cost, Department of Finance and Department of General Management gave specific reports respectively, summarizing their past experiences and exploring new ideas. Han Xusheng, President of Jade Group, highly praised the efforts made by all the staff of Sanhe Jade in 2017 and hoped that they can live up to even higher expectations for the year of 2018. At the meeting, representatives from all the departments signed the 2018 Annual Target Responsibility Commitment with the company. In addition, the company awarded the outstanding employees and managers in 2017.

In the evening, the company hosted the 2018 Banquet and all the staff dressed up to attend the party. Various departments presented splendid performances. The dinner party was full of heavenly music, applauses and cheers.