In order to meet the needs of further development and the need to open up to an international and diversified platform, Jade Group issued an announcement to use a new series of key images for the enterprise starting from January 1, 2018.

The new logo of the Group evolves from the original basic visual element "brick". Brick is a conventional masonry material as well as the most basic element of architecture, of which the meanings in Chinese and Western culture are similar. The image of brick continues to be used in the group’s logo and stands for characteristics of the group such as solidness, stability, simplicity and durability. The retention of the main shape of the logo also indicates that the Group will always keep the real estate development business, which is the first business that the group conducted at the beginning of its founding, at the core of the Group.

The combination of six basic shapes is a continuation based on the geometric construction of the original logo, while the simplified lines form a three-dimensional structure.

The simplified graphical English letters “JADE”, together with the simple Chinese characters, can be seen as an indication that the Jade Group develops in various fields and that it is a group with international vision and affinity.

The color system of the logo stems from the original key image. A demi tint color used in the original logo was selected for use in the new logo. This color is more widely used and endows the logo with a steady and inclusive quality. The font used for the logo is Siyuan blackbold, which conveys a sense of unity and harmony.

The logos of all the development platforms are in consistency with the group logo. The main shape, main colors, fonts, and the minimal graphics of letters “JADE” remain unchanged, which makes the new logos more standardized and unified, rendering it more convenient for the customers to recognize the brands.

The launch of the new logo symbolizes the group’s maturation. When the group were using the previous logo, the group's main business is real estate development, so the logo had strong characteristics relating to the main business of the group at that time. The orderly development of the real estate business is a vital part in the high-speed urbanization process in China. The group has laid profound professional foundation and has accumulated valuable resources in areas such as development of commercial apartments, policy apartments, property management, the construction of industrial parks and integrated operations. After 17 years of development, Jade Group has also laid out meticulous plans in the areas of culture, arts, finance investment, and overseas investment. It is highly acknowledged by society and trusted by customers.

The new logo symbolizes that Jade Group continues providing its customers with products of aesthetic values in the traditional field of real estate business; at the same time, it also develop multiple platforms such as the financial and cultural markets, and further explores the overseas market. The company endeavors to create value for society and to become a corporate citizen acting with integrity and social responsiveness.