From April 12th to 14th, 2017, “The 11th China Investment Annual Meeting/Annual Summit”, hosted by China Venture Information and organized by China Venture Network, was held in Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel. The theme of the meeting was “Investment Evolutionism”. Hundreds of domestic and foreign private equity institutions gathered to discuss the future development of the private equity industry.

An Dong, Founding Partner of Jade Capital, was invited to attend the event. Jade Capital won the award "Top 100 Private Equity Investment Institutions in China of 2016" and E-Life Financial Service won an award as one of the "Top 10 Best Investment Cases in China's Financial-Technological Industry of 2016".

In the panel entitled “Opportunities and Bottlenecks under Property Tightening Measures”, An Dong, Founding Partner of Jade Capital, shared his insights on the development of real estate funds. He maintains that the enactment of various policies in the second half of 2016 would help the market develop steadily and avoid market foam. A large number of real estate mezzanine funds in the form of “share + bond” would be subject to more restrictions as the financing policies tightens. However, with the development of the real estate sector, various new types of real estate investment are constantly emerging, especially after the shift from the development era to the stock era. Jade Capital will focus on equity investment and acquisition opportunities in urban renewal projects, as well as equity investment opportunities for upstream and downstream service companies in real estate industry. Focusing on high-quality assets in core areas, Jade Capital will improve the asset return rate and increase the value through transformation and better operation.

The “2016 Annual List of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Institutions in China”, published on the summit by China Venture Info, is the most authoritative, comprehensive and objective list in the industry. This list is created with the help of a powerful data system at the investment research institute of China Venture. Based on objective data reflecting the performance of fund-raising, investment, management and exit of investment institutions in 2016, the institutions on the list are selected through standardized processing of these data.

Founded in 2011, Jade Capital specializes in private equity fund investment, real estate fund investment, and industrial investment in the past 6 years. It currently manages 12 funds, with a total AUM of 3 billion. The awards won by Jade Capital symbolize that it has acquired recognition from the industry as well as authoritative organizations and that it deserves all the honors.