On April 29, 2017, the first phase of Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park, which is a private park owned by the proprietors of Jiadu, was officially opened in the refreshing air of late spring and early summer. With three years of intensive work invested in the project, the park is now full of vitality.

Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park is located in the center of the community with a length of 600 meters and an area of 36, 000 ㎡. Being a large-scale community-owned private park of rarity, it covers an area which equals that of 85 basketball courts, 53 tennis courts or 9 football fields.

The design of Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park highlights the concept of “Happy Growth in Exploration of Nature”, while the park play a part of great significance in shaping the culture construction of the community, improving the life quality of the residents, developing public environmental education and guaranteeing the healthy growth of children.

The park is equipped with facilities that meet the needs of children, adults, and senior citizens. The park will become a frequently used public space and can promote communication between residents, thus facilitating the forming of good neighborhood relationships as well as a new community culture. By doing physical exercises, getting close to nature as well as relaxing one’s body and mind in the park, the residents here will gradually acquire exquisite taste for things in everyday life and every family member could benefit from their activities in the park. People can appreciate the beauty of sun, air, wind and water here, and experience the seasonal change of nature. Through ubiquitous environmental education in the park, people would gain an understanding of the eco-system as well as their own position in the system, and thus form a new understanding of life.

The Interstellar Exploration Amusement Park, specially designed for children, consists mainly of a group of cosmic-themed interactive facilities. UFO Slides, Moon Sculpture, Nebulae Net, Meteor Ropeway, Black Hole Trampoline and Energy Swing – all these facilities allow children to enjoy their own Interstellar Happy Valley downstairs, exploring the unknown world in interesting games.

The opening of the first phase of Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park marked that Jiadu has entered a new era. Jiadu provides owners with abundant healthy leisure facilities so that they can enjoy a new urban life while the community value can be improved to another level.