On May 22th, the 2017 Ceremony of Shanghai Jing’an Modern Drama Valley One Drama Presentation, jointly organized by Shanghai Jing’an District People's Government, Shanghai Radio & TV Station and Shanghai Theatre Academy, was held at the Shanghai Majestic Theatre. Being one of the most prestigious drama awards in the Chinese-speaking region, this year’s One Drama Presentation Award adheres to the selection purpose of “commending industry achievements, encouraging original strength.” After a long selection conducted by the media, drama critics, drama experts and art committees, ten professional awards including the Best Drama of the Year, the Best Director of the Year, the Best Actor/Actress of the Year, the Best Screenwriter of the Year and the Best Small Theater Play of the Year were finally announced.

The play Lungs, coproduce by Inside-Out Theatre and Vertebra Theatre in Shanghai, stood out among other wonderful theatre plays produced during 2017 and won the “Best Small Theatre Play of the Year” in the 2017 Shanghai One Drama Presentation.

Teng Junjie, the General Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Radio & TV Station and Huang Changyong, Dean of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, presented the award to Kong Yan, the starring actress of Lungs, and Li Wei, the producer of the play.