On June 9th, 2017, Jade Group celebrates its 17th anniversary with themed viewing activities in the Inside-Out Artist Colony established by the Group.

Leaders including Huang Xiaohua, chairman of Jade Group, Zheng Huihong, president of Jade Group, and Han Xusheng, executive president of Jade Group and president of Jade Property President, presented at the ceremony and participated in the event together with all the staff.

Two classic movies, An Inconvenient Truth and Shine were screened at the ceremony.

During the event, Huang Xiaohua, chairman of the Group, gave a speech commenting on the film winning the 79th Academy Award for Best Documentary. The film “is about survival. It triggers our concerns about universal issues, and propels us to think in depth about our own destiny as well as how we can survive.” “There are introspective reflections both on how companies choose their development model and on how they can nourish social and humanistic environment in the process of developing themselves."

The chairman of the group gave a succinct introduction of the 79th Academy Award-winning film Shine. The film “portraits a life of art accompanied by wonderful music, and demonstrates how education can exert great influence on a person’s destiny.” “The director give us a treat to the essence of great classical music. The film guides the audience to enter the world of music and art films, and provides us with fresh perspectives on education."

Appreciating themed art on its 17th anniversary indicates the Group’s concerns for the environment, the society and humanities nowadays. After the screenings, the group leaders presented awards to the winners of the "Five-Year Practitioner Award" and "Ten-Year Practitioner Award".

The anniversary banquet was held in the Artist Colony that evening, where all staff raised their glasses to give a toast. Zhang Hongxing, chairman of Grandtopeak Group, and Ma Jun, president of Grandtopeak Group, were invited to attend the banquet and they both wished Jade Group “a Happy Seventeenth Birthday.”