On June 24, 2017, the phase III project of Jiadu Aesthetic Community was officially delivered. The event lasts till June 30th. This project rewards its customers with comprehensive product value after the successful delivery of the Phase I and Phase II of Jiadu Aesthetic Community in September 2016.

△Elegant facade which is representative of contemporary classics.

△A garden of rain and a lawn of sun which constitute a micro-topography with a three-dimensional landscape.

Phase I of Jiadu was successfully delivered in September 2016, while “Jiaxiang Private Kitchen” opened for business at the same time. The restaurant continuously provides clean and healthy food to its customers and all the proprietors of Jiadu are welcome to have a taste.

In February 2017, the Wumart convenience store was opened to meet the daily needs of the neighborhood, enabling the proprietors to truly appreciate the health and quality shopping around them.

In April 2017, the first phase of the 36,000 m­­2 private central park was opened. The park’s equipment and facilities cover the health needs of children, adults and the elderly, to benefit every family member.

The Interstellar Exploration Amusement Park, specially designed for children, consists mainly of a group of cosmic-themed interactive facilities. UFO Slides, Moon Sculpture, Nebulae Net, Meteor Ropeway, Black Hole Trampoline and Energy Swing – all these facilities allow children to enjoy their own Interstellar Happy Valley downstairs, exploring the unknown world in interesting games.

There are abundant supporting facilities in the community centered on Maofu Street, such as Planning Jiadu Life Pavilion, supermarkets, food courts, gymnasiums, and early education. McDonald's has officially signed a contract with Jiadu and will be located in the bustling Maojing Street.

Vanke's property management strictly follows the high service standards, providing star-rated services to proprietors.

Vanke Property also provides its proprietors with a comprehensive intelligent community management system. With the App “Live Here,” the proprietors can enjoy the convenience of opening the door with mobile phones, online payment, real-time reporting service, neighborhood interaction, daily shopping and other things.

Jiadu community continues to develop and improve itself and commits itself to providing customers with more convenient life services, for the improvement of property value and continuous efforts to protect the quality of life of the owners to provide more sources. Jiadu welcomes the owner back "home".