Van Gogh

After three years of preparation, the opening play of Inside-Out Theatre - Van Gogh, premiered at the theater in October 2013; it was also its first appearance in the theater circle of Beijing.
The play Van Gogh made various references to latest international researches on Van Gogh. Through the dramatic organization and orchestration of historical stories, the play presents a narration of the last ten years of Van Gogh's life and explores Vincent van Gogh's madness and his mysterious suicide. With more than 50 scenes and 14 characters, the play Van Gogh is characterized with the magnificence and rigor of a personal epic.
The performance of Van Gogh was unanimously approved by audiences from both within and outside the art circle. It has been presented at the State Theater, National Grand Theater, Shanghai Cultural Performance Center and Tianjin Grand Theater upon invitation. The play has helped in securing a position in market for original classic play series of Inside-Out Theatre.
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It’s Our World Ahead of Us.

At the end of 2014, Inside-Out Art invited teachers from the Central Academy of Drama to create a new play It’s Our World Ahead of Us at Inside-Out Theatre.
This play is based on slices of Cao Yu’s life at Tsinghua University, during the anti-rightist movements at the National Drama Academy, and during the Cultural Revolution. From the perspective of a fellow playwright, the play shows how Cao was influenced and inspired by real life when he created Thunderstorm, Sunrise, and Beijingers.
Just like the thunderstorm in the heavy summer night in Cao Yu’s Thunderstorm, It’s Our World Ahead of Us provides not answer to questions about Cao's creative career, but a key to opening up to a broader world.
Depicting the drama master Cao Yu in the art form of theatre means more than presenting the figure of a playwright extracted from historical and literary fragments; it is more about exploring the responsibilities of artists from a broader view, discussing the subject of how we can create a more tolerant and authentic environment – a subject that is closely related to everyone that participates in theater practices.
The play went on a national tour in 2016, and was invited to participate in the Cao Yu Drama Festival and the 2015 Chinese Original Drama Invitational Exhibition. It also presented at the Tianjin Grand Theatre and the Beijing Avant-garde Theatre.
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Theatre Play: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

In July 2017, Inside-Out Theater got the authorization of AURORA NOVA Berlin to introduce the play White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, a play that received the “Arches Brick Award” at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, an award for New Performance at the Clubbed Thumb Summer Performance and the “Best New Performance Award” at Berlin Fringe Festival, into the Greater China region.
The Chinese version of the production of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit invited theatre director Yang Ting to get involved in curatorial works. She brought a staring cast consisting of AYa, Wang Zichuan and Zhao Hongwei. The three performers would determine the order of their appearances depending on the result of a lucky draw and bring three consecutive dramatic games to the audience.
The work created by an Iranian writer is neither directed nor rehearsed, while each performance must be carried out by a different performer. Each performer receives instructions to prepare for the performance 48 hours prior to the show, and each performer only performs once.
The work has been translated into at least 20 languages and it has been performed for more than 1,000 times worldwide. Inside-Out Theater was the first to introduce this work to China and to produce and present a Chinese version.
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Plays Coproduced by Inside-Out Theatre


The Man Who Flies to the Sky

In September 2015, Inside-Out Theater and the New Youth Group co-produced the contemporary play The Man Who Flies to the Sky, which was commissioned by the 3rd Wuzhen Theater Festival and presented for the first time on the stage in Wuzhen as the opening play. It was then invited to participate in the Shanghai International Arts Festival, and in 2016 it was presented on the Italian VIE Festival in Italy upon invitation.
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The Outsider

The play is directed by Yang Ting. This work tells a story about absurdity through the perspective of the protagonist, Melso. After his mother's death, Melso committed a murder during his attempt to help his friend and became a murderer. After a trial during which he remained indifferent to the happening around himself, he was finally sentenced to death.
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The Opening Play of 2017 Xinchan China-Germany Theatre Link: The Comedy of Qin

In Xianyang city of Qin during the late Warring States period, a comedy was so popular that it was difficult to get even a ticket. It is so popular that the henchman and guest consultant of the Emperor of Qin, Han Fei, decided to introduce the comedy into Qin Palace, inviting the Emperor Ying Zheng and his Minister Li Si to watch the show together with him. A series of stories thus took place among the owner of the comedy group, his disciples, the emperor and his powerful ministers.
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Three Plays: The Open Couple, Poison, Lungs

In 2016, Inside-Out Theater and Vertebra Theater in Shanghai jointly produced three works: The Open Couple, Poison, and Lungs. In conjunction with the three National Theater HD video screenings, the plays constitute the 2016 performance season with the theme “Contractual Relationship”.
During the 2016 “Contractual Relationship” performance season, the three theatre productions focus on the relationship between men and women and explore the current social gender issues. Adopting production standards and processes from international performance, three experienced theatre directors from Taiwan, Belgium and Switzerland conducted a new interpretation of the localized foreign scripts, in collaboration with famous theater artists from the worldwide, in an attempt to arouse resonance and reflections in domestic audience while keeping the key idea of the scripts intact.

The play Lungs, coproduce by Inside-Out Theatre and Vertebra Theatre in Shanghai, won the “Best Small Theatre Play of the Year” in the 2017 Shanghai One Drama Presentation.
The play Poison, coproduced by Inside-Out Theatre, won “The Best Small Theatre Play of the Year 2017” in Chinese Theatre Awards 2017.
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Spanish Multimedia Creative Children's Play: I Want to Fly to the Moon (Chinese version)

In June 2017, Inside-Out Theatre and the Shanghai Children's Art Theater co-produced the Spanish creative multimedia children's play I Want to Fly to the Moon. The work is a cross-border collaboration of the Spanish creative team and Chinese actors.
The play won the Award of the Best Children's Play in “Chunmiao action”, an activity organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs.
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Social Recognition

Inside-Out Theatre was nominated for “Theatre of the Year 2016” in a list for quality life, an activity launched by SDX Life Weekly. (Other nominees: Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, National Center for the Performing Arts, Penghao Theater, Drum Tower West Theater)
Inside-Out Theatre was nominated as “The Best Theatre of the Year 2015 in Beijing” by The Beijing News. (Other nominees: Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, National Center for the Performing Arts, Poly Theatre, Penghao Theater, Drum Tower West Theater)
The play Poison, coproduced by Inside-Out Theatre, was nominated by The Beijing News as “The Best Play of the Year”.
The play Lungs, coproduced by Inside-Out Theatre and Vertebra Theatre in Shanghai, won the “Best Small Theatre Play of the Year” in the 2017 One Drama Presentation.
The play Poison, coproduced by Inside-Out Theatre, won “The Best Small Theatre Play of the Year 2017” in Chinese Theatre Awards 2017.
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