Business Sectors

Private Equity Fund

Industry focus including TMT, consumption upgrade, healthcare, culture and entertainment, environmental and advanced manufacturing, ect.
Investment direction: Chinese companies in growth stage and middle & late period.

Industrial Financial Investment

Obtaining financial license; Shareholding in financial institutions; Further expanding domestic and international investment and financing businesses.

Real Estate Fund

Buyout Fund: Acquiring core commercial property in first-tier cities; enhancing the value of the property through reforming and improving operation capability

Overseas Real Estate Investment

Investing in overseas real estate projects, allocating offshore assets.
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Jade Fund Management Company was established, initially focusing on property fund investment business;

Jade Feng Fund and Jade Ying Fund were set up.
Jade Fund No.1 and Jade Fund No.2 were set up.
Jade Investment Fund Company obtained the “Certificate for Private Equity Fund Manager Qualification”.
Jade Medical Health Fund No.1 was set up;

Jade Financial Leasing Company was registered and set up.
Jade Interconnection Funds No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4 and No.5 were set up;

Urban Renewal Fund No.1 was set up;

Jade Asset Management Company was established;

Qingdao Fund was set up in collaboration with Kechuang Capital;

Goinghigh & Jade Fund was launched in collaboration with Go High Capital;

Overseas property fund investment was launched.


LianJia Property
Buyout Fund: Acquisition of core commercial property in first-tier cities; Operational improvement to enhance value; Effective exit through asset securitization or block trading.
E-Life Financial
Buyout Fund: Acquisition of core commercial property; Operational improvement to enhance value.
Giant Network
Buyout Fund: Merger and acquisition of equity funds in first-tier cities.