Inside-Out Artist Colony – Conversion of Old Buildings

Inside-Out Artist Colony preserved the original factory buildings and converted them into small theaters, auditoriums and multi-functional spaces, providing a perfect place for small concerts, stage shows, high-end screenings and important business conferences.
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Milky Way BASE

The Central Mobile Intelligence District (CMID), based on the former site of Beijing Sanyuan Milk Factory, was co-planned with China Architecture Design Group. The CMID preserved the old warehouse of Sanyuan located on the east side of the factory campus and renovated it, converting it into a display center that combines artistic temperament with functionality. The art piece Milky Way created by the famous sculptor Sui Jianguo endowed the building with a new name, the Milky Way BASE (in Chinese “银河BASE”).
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Yuan Wei CLUB

The CMID also converted the boiler room of the old factory into "Yuan Wei CLUB", a space that meets the standard of music halls.
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Inside-Out Artist Colony – Artist Colony

Inside-Out Artist Colony is designed by Cui Kai, a Chinese architect and academician of the Academy of Engineering. The Artist Colony won the Silver Award of the 2011 National Excellent Engineering Design Award.
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Jiadu Aesthetic Community Kindergarten

Jiadu Aesthetic Community Kindergarten program was designed and accomplished in cooperation with OBRA Architects, US and China Architecture Design Group.
Completed in autumn, 2016 and opened in September, 2017, it covers a floor area of nearly 60 thousands sq.ft and is capable of accommodating about 540 students.
The main building of the kindergarten, a concrete building covered in bricks, is entrenched on the north side of the community.
The architectural plane is shaped like a planar arch; it faces an enclave with a southern aspect, encircled by a garden overgrown with ailanthus and cotoneaster trees – plants that are local to the city of Beijing. This huge venue between the building and the garden is at the core of the entire basement.

Windows of the same size on the building facade endow the building with a style marked by simplicity, clarity, and candor. Homogeneous facades function as a foil for the space sequence of open staircases and platforms, while outdoor space and the path connecting it to classrooms creates a fascinating special order based on the overall homogeneity.
The design also reduces huge building mass into smaller blocks with the intention to soften its impact on people. The seemingly inaccessible public buildings thus become friendlier, while the children would be able have a pleasant and enjoyable experience among them.

The building layout follows a basic concept of “Trinity”, a concept that the children might be familiar with and one that is easy to memorize as well. The main building of the kindergarten has three flanks, while there are three classrooms in each flank; each flank has three floors and three internal staircases as well. The concept of “Trinity” echoes with many other details – such as left/right/middle, yes/no/maybe, space/time/object, to name a few – and functions as the basic logical structure of design.

In 2014, Jiadu Aesthetic Community Kindergarten won the AIA New York Design Award issued by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). In the same year, it was awarded the Kim Swoo Geun Architecture Preview Prize. In 2016, it attended the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale upon invitation.
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Central Park Plan
Bird View
Happy Growth in Exploration of Nature
The Interstellar Exploration Amusement Park, specially designed for children, consists mainly of a group of cosmic-themed interactive facilities. UFO Slides, Moon Sculpture, Nebulae Net, Meteor Ropeway, Black Hole Trampoline and Energy Swing – all these facilities allow children to enjoy their own Interstellar Happy Valley downstairs, exploring the unknown world through interesting games.
Lawn of Gravitational Wave
Gravitational waves are ripples of curvature formed in space-time. The waves fall onto the lawn in the park and take the form of micro-topography, creating an effect of dynamic stasis.
Wormholes on the Lawn
Living in busy metropolises, we have the need of visiting spacious green fields from time to time so that we can communicate with the nature with our body and soul, freeing ourselves from pressure and easing our minds. The vast lawn in the central Park, with the rhythmic waves and the conceptual sculpture erecting from the ground, provides the visitors with a sense of wellbeing and exhilaration.
Wormholes are narrow tunnels connecting two different time/space that may exist in the universe. Scientists believe that wormholes can be used for instantaneous space transfer or time travel. Based on the concept of wormholes, the giant sculpture works in concert with the lawn whereas they complement each other.
Lunar Installation
Inspired by the lunar craters on the surface of the moon, this installation uses concave and convex mirror surfaces to facilitate the interaction between the buildings, the sky, the plants and the pedestrians. The internal space of installation opens up to another world: tiny holes which are arranged in such an exquisite way that they resemble the constellations in the sky, enabling the viewers to feel their connection with the mysterious and colorful universe.

Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park

Designed jointly with Z + T Studio, Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park is located in the center of the community with a length of 2000 feets and an area of 387.5 thousands sq.ft . Being a large-scale community-owned private park of rarity, it covers an area which equals that of 85 basketball courts, 53 tennis courts or 9 football fields.
The design of Jiadu Aesthetic Community Central Park highlights the concept of “Happy Growth in Exploration of Nature”, while the park plays a part of great significance in guiding the culture construction of the community, improving the life quality of the residents, developing public environmental education and ensuring the healthy growth of children. The first phase of the park was opened in May 2017.
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Inside-Out Artist Colony - Artist Colony – Courtyard Stage

In the square inner court paved with gravels, we designed a small open-air stage in the shades of ginkgo trees with triangular-shaped steps, sloping walls and a surrounding pond, offering artists a space for outdoor gatherings as well as a showcase for their artworks.
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Inside-Out Artist Colony - Inside-Out Cinema – Open Cinema

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