Inside-Out Art Museum

The Inside-Out Art Museum is located at the west end of Xishan Cultural and Creative Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing. The embryonic museum was established in 2008 and it was registered as a private art institution by Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in 2011.

Since 2007, Inside-Out Art Museum started to organize art exhibitions and cultural activities in three pavilions. In September, 2012, the exhibition hall was opened to the public. The whole building was designed by Cui Kai, chief architect of China Academy of Architectural Design, and his team. The interior design was completed by Auburn Architects, an architecture company based in New York, USA. The total area of exhibition hall is 2, 600㎡, all equipped with professional facilities. The Artist Colony functions as an ancillary facility to the museum.
Since its establishment, Inside-Out Art Museum insists on its mission to balance the academic quality and public service, while strives to find a sustainable way to manage a private art museum. The Inside-Out Art Museum has presented notable exhibitions, including “Inside-Out Art 2012”, “The Young Academics Series”, “Xu Bing: Research Exhibition on Background Story” and has earned a reputation in the art circle. The museum has organized five exhibitions for autistic children with the name “Autistic or Artistic”. It has also organized public programs focusing on creative thinking and art education, such as “Follow Me: Zhang Jie's Art of Torn Papers”, thus building a bridge for the public and families to get easy access to art and museums.
The Inside-Out Art Museum has started an international art program in Beijing, China and Maine, USA, to promote the exchange of artists from different regions all over the world. The Inside-Out Miniature Art Museum, which was established in 2013, was designed as an experimental space for the collection of events and memories, representing ideas about the future modes of exhibitions.

The Inside-Out Art Museum seeks effective art sponsorships as well as donations, in the endeavors to become a non-governmental public art museum with academic vitality and high social recognition. The museum gained sponsorship through the credible platform “Beijing Cultural Development Foundation Intermediate Art Fund”, under the supervision of the third party, to ensure that the gaining and using of social funds are transparent and open to the public.
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Inside-Out Theatre

The Inside-Out Theater is located in the Inside-Out Artist Colony on Xingshikou Road, Haidian District. It is the first private theater in western Beijing.
The theatre was converted from an old factory with an area of 2, 724 square meters. After the installation of professional facilities with respect to acoustic and optical design, the theatre now consists of a 442-seat medium theater, a 105-seat space for projection, a rehearsal hall and two open multi-function halls. The theatre is capable of hosting small theater drama, mini operas, concerts and other art performances.
Since its establishment in 2013, the Inside-Out Theatre has become one of the most influential theaters in western Beijing and has got attention and recognition from press and media. In 2015, it was nominated by The Beijing News and was voted as the second most popular theater in Beijing. In 2016, it was nominated as Best Theater of the Year in Beijing by SDX Weekly Life. In 2017, Beijing Daily News published a front page article entitled “The Inside-Out Theatre’s Second Anniversary: It’s No Longer Inconvenient to Go to Theatre for the Residents of Western Beijing”.
With the establishment of the Inside-Out Theater and its ancillary facilities, more and more national and international art programs are taking place in the artist colony, elevating the international influence of the colony as well as the Inside-Out Theater.

Inside-Out Theater endeavors to provide the public and artists with a comfortable, open, diversified and international space for artistic exchanges.
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Inside-Out Cinema

Inside-Out Cinema, located in the Centre of the Artist Colony, is the first cinema located inside an arts complex in China. In March 2014, the cinema was opened with 6 auditoriums and 615 seats. It is equipped with top Barco digital movie projection equipment and QSC audio equipment, which provide a warm and comfortable environment in an artistic style.
Inside-Out cinema not only organizes screenings of regular commercial films but also sets aside an art cinema hall reserved for the screenings of independent films, art films, documentaries and classic films. The auditoriums are also open for activities such as chamber music concerts, lectures and cinema fans salon events. The outdoor square of the cinema presents open film screenings, open concerts and other outdoor activities.
Inside-Out Cinema is a platform to popularize cinema culture in the art district and has been providing strong support for the development of outstanding literary and art films. Benefiting from the overall artistic atmosphere of the art district, Inside-Out Cinema focuses on improving the diversification of screening types and dedicates itself to providing more options for the movie fans.
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Artist Colony

Artist Residency Program in Artist Colony provides an opportunity for artists who dream to create artworks in a spacious field with a fantastic view of the Xiangshan Mountain. It provides the artists with a comfortable work and living space as well as a multicultural environment for their creation.
A public welfare program, Artist Colony was established in hopes of facilitating the exchanges of art worldwide and supporting young artists. It offers free studio accommodations to artists, creates a multicultural atmosphere, and provides opportunities for young artists from all over the world to communicate and cooperate with fellow artists.
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